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Tacoma recently passed significant tenant protections, giving renters a fair deal. We now have 4 months’ notice before rent hikes, capped move-in and late fees, and capped pet deposits at 25% of rent. These are vital steps toward a balanced housing approach. We need to give these new protections a chance to work before enacting more housing policies.

If passed by Tacoma voters, Measure 1 would add a slew of new restrictions and penalties aimed against Tacoma housing providers. These new provisions would impact the safety of our communities, cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in unknown legal fees and costs to create more government bureaucracy, and will undo the good work that City Council took in its balanced approach for both renters and housing providers.

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Tacoma Measure 1 will have the following negative impacts on our housing providers and community:


  • Harder to evict problem residents who are committing crimes, leaving trash, or creating anunsafe environment for their neighbors.
  • Increasing bankruptcies, costs, and hardships for local owner-operator housing providers.
  • Housing providers will be forced to take properties off the market, decreasing the supply of housing which in turn will lead to housing cost increases for everyone.
  • Smaller housing providers could be forced to sell their properties.

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