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In the mood for a little spring cleaning?

Whether you hire a house cleaning service or you prefer DIY, you know why a good “Spring Cleaning” is so important.  Spring is when we come out from the dark shroud of winter into the light and enjoy the blossoming trees and flowers. Spring is the season of “freshness.”  When you invest in Spring Cleaning, you bring that Spring freshness to your home!  In this article, you will learn why we feel better when we have done Spring Cleaning and how to do it like the pros.

Spring Cleaning Improves the Air You Breathe

Dust that accumulates in our homes comes from many sources including dead skin cells, pollen, pet dander, fibers from clothing or furniture and pollutants in the air that land onto surfaces in your home. Many forms of dust are allergens.  Nearly every home has some amount of dust.  The more people that live in your home, the more pets you have, or the closer you live to the road, the more dust that will accumulate.  One of the goals of Spring Cleaning is to thoroughly and effectively remove dust from all the surfaces in your home:  from the high corners of your ceiling, to the low baseboards and the spaces between the baseboard and the floor.

Tips for Dusting

It is recommended to do Spring Cleaning throughout your home, because dust particles circulate between rooms.  You will need the following items to do a thorough dusting of your home: a good microfiber cloth, an extendable wand duster, an all purpose cleaner, a vacuum with good suction and a vacuum hose crevice tool.

Start at the top, by removing cobwebs and dust on your light fixtures and along the top edges and corners where the walls meet the ceiling. Don’t forget ceiling fans!  Once all the high dust has been knocked down or wiped away, start dusting the horizontal surfaces in your home such as: countertops, tabletops, desktops, nightstands, hanging picture frames, ledges and window sills.  It’s best to use the microfiber cloth for this task and apply a gentle back and forth motion as you move across the entire surface.  If some dust “flies back” try a finishing step using an all-surface cleaner and a clean cloth to get the last bits.

The next-to-last step is dust removal from the baseboards. First, use the vacuum hose to do a preliminary clean of the baseboards.  Next, use a regular cleaning cloth and all purpose cleaner to “wet-wipe” the baseboard surface to remove dirt and dust that accumulate on the narrow ledge at the top of the baseboard.  Once the baseboards are dry, run the vacuum crevice tool along the bottom of the baseboard to collect dust beneath the baseboard.

The final step is to vacuum all of your floors.  Take your time with the vacuuming chore, applying multiple overlapping passes slowly to allow the suction of the vacuum to remove all the dust that hangs out in our carpets.

Enjoy the Fruits of your Labor

Follow these dusting steps every few months and you will be amazed at how much better you feel. Thoroughly dusting an entire home can take several hours, but the results are worth it.  Your home will look and feel cleaner and your lungs will thank you.


Prepared By Julian White, owner of Two Maids Tacoma .   Julian is an entrepreneur and business owner of Two Maids Tacoma with his mom Dana.  Julian brings his strong customer service skills to help homeowners decide what type of professional cleaning could be done in their homes to meet the needs of their family and pets.  Dana is a Tacoma native and also an experienced manager and business owner.  Two Maids of Tacoma wants to Let Life Shine!



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