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Pierce County Housing Authority Announces RFP to Sell 120 underperforming Housing Units

The Pierce County Housing Authority (PCHA) is requesting proposals from Licensed Residential Real Estate Brokers to provide residential real estate services for the sale of PCHA’s Scattered-Site Single family homes located throughout Pierce County. The total roster of properties owned by the PCHA consist of one hundred and twenty (120) three- and four-bedroom units, as well as two (2) duplex units.

Every property will be sold, “as-is”, at Fair Market Value (FMV), either through a Negotiated Sale or at Public Bid, as defined by HUD. Broker services  elated to this solicitation are for Public Bid transactions. Services needed for Negotiated Bid transactions are not in this scope of work. PCHA estimates that as many as half of all properties may be sold to the general public via Public Bid, but cannot currently predict the total number.

The properties are expected to be sold over the course of three years, beginning Spring, 2023. Project duration will depend on several factors, including but not limited to relocation of current residents to other comparable units.

So that the Real Property interest may be conveyed fee simple and unencumbered from rental and income affordability restrictions, PCHA must obtain a Release of Declaration of Trust from HUD for every transaction.

Firms interested in providing such service to the Pierce County Housing Authority must complete and submit the documents and statements required in Proposal Requirement section of this solicitation.

Any questions may be referred to Sean McKenna, Director of Project Management, or Riley Guerrero, Administrative Coordinator.

Sean McKenna
Director of Project Management
253-620-5450 (Office)
253-530-4790 (Cell)


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