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Home In Tacoma – Phase 2 Project Overview 

Home In Tacoma – Phase 2 will be a high-profile public process to implement the new policies through changes to residential zoning and standards, along with actions to promote affordability and ensure that housing supports multiple community goals. 

Because housing and neighborhoods are important to all of us, there is strong interest in participating as Tacoma crafts new housing rules. The City is now working on engagement strategies to support broad community participation.   

The Phase 2 scope of work will include 

1. Zoning changes for Low-scale and Mid-scale Residential designations 

2. Strengthened design standards 

3. Development of an anti-displacement strategy 

4. Enhancement and expansion of regulatory affordability tools 

5. Actions to ensure that infrastructure and services are adequate to 

support growth 

6. Actions to address the potential demolition of older structures 

7. Actions to create green, sustainable and climate-resilient housing 

8. Actions to promote physical accessibility 

9. Review of City of Tacoma permitting and processes 

10. Education and technical support for developers and the public 

Tentative 2022 to 2023 Process 

  • Project Initiation (February to April 2022) 
  • Information gathering and engagement  
  • Preliminary alternatives  
  • Planning Commission public hearing 
  • City Council review process 

How to learn more  The Home In Tacoma webpage will continue to be the place to learn more – visit and share  You can also send an email to, or call (253) 591-5030 (Option 4). 

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