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We are only 11 days into 2022, and between holidays, weather, and closures, it has been quite a year already!

Aegis Land Group Title Company has compiled 5 Tips to Kick off 2022! Check them out to ensure a successful New Year!


  1. Shift your attitude

Attitude controls everything. Start your day deliberately with the right attitude, make a choice to have a great day! Ask yourself, do you dread your daily responsibilities, or do you see them as an opportunity to help people and do your job? Changing your frame of reference can change your attitude and changing your attitude can help your business.

  1. Embrace the Three C’s

It’s easy to be known or liked, but to be trusted is a challenge. The process of becoming a trusted resource for your clients involves mastering: Competence, Confidence, and Consistency. Competence is your ability to excel as a consultant – a great time to sharpen your sword.  Having confidence with ensure trust with your future clients.  Being consistent and reliable with future clients will pay off over time.

  1. Plant seeds.

Plant seeds year-round!  Send hand-written notes, celebrate birthdays, etc.  Using social media, create a practice which includes liking and commenting on individual posts on Facebook, commenting on or retweeting Tweets, leaving comments on Instagram posts, and sending text messages. These daily practices have a compounding effect that will give your business momentum and expand your sphere.

  1. Real estate is a contact sport.

Generally, people generally know more than one real estate agent their sphere of influence, so what are you doing to stand out from the others?  How do you make sure you stay in touch with that sphere?  New methods like social media are great, but don’t forget the old-school methods of having a genuine conversation where you add value can still got a long way for building and increasing that sphere.

  1. Staying in Touch Methodology

Another strategy for keeping your name top of mind is a daily strategy:  Talk to at least one person you don’t know, three past clients and three you have lost touch with.  This daily routine will create opportunities if you stick it!  2022 – You got this!




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